Hard Coking Coal

//Hard Coking Coal

Hard Coking Coal

The buyer is looking for a supply of Hard Coking Coal.

The Ash Content must be 9% or lower.

The full specs should be:
Moisture – below 10%,
Ash.        – 6-6.50% max ,
Volatile.   – 22-26%,
Sulphur.  – 0.40-0.65%max,
Phos.      – 0.02-0.035% max,
F.Carbon – By Difference,
FSI/CSN. – 9 min
Fluidity.    – 1000 DDPM,
MMR.       – 1.25
Vitrinite.    – 70%
Size.         – 0*50 mm(100%)

The buyer is looking to order 500,000 Metric Tons per Year.

Payment via LC at Sight.

Require FOB pricing.

If you can provide this hard coking coal and have a low price, please contact us.

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