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Hi, I have made this video specifically for suppliers because I see suppliers competing with each other every day to sell their products.

Here, on this page, I’m going to show you a way to generate a lot more sales and revenue than any other supplier who sells the same product.

But this will only work if you export a product that is in-demand and you sell container loads every time someone buys. If your product is not in demand, or you only sell a few tons at a time, then this is not for you.

What I’m about to show you works so well and creates so much profit, you’ll wonder why no one else is doing it.

No one else is doing it because they don’t know about it or they don’t understand it, or they think it’s too risky.

Since they’ve never heard of this system before, they just dismiss it thinking it’s a scam. But these suppliers become the biggest losers.

Those that have tried it are making a killing and they just can’t get enough. They want more and more. And for those that know about it, it’s big business. In fact, there’s a whole industry out there. It’s called Lead Gen.

Most suppliers want to increase their sales and export by looking for agents or brokers who can find them buyers. This is a lot of wasted time and effort. But have you thought about another way you could do this without having to rely on agents and brokers, and without wasting money on advertising?

What if there was a way for you to get targeted buyers who are looking for what you are selling. Do you think you could sell your product to them?

Well, let’s see. Let’s figure out if this system is for you.

Now, I deal with a lot of suppliers. They supply everything. But let’s take an example of a supplier selling Onions. Let’s say that this supplier is YOU.

Now my question to you is, what is your average selling price of these onions per ton?

Let’s say you sell them for $250 per ton.

My next question to you would be, if an importer bought from you, what is the normal average order size they take? Remember, I’m asking about the average. Some take way more and some take way less.

So let’s say, every time a customer buys from you, they usually order 4-5 containers on average.

If one container holds 28 tons of onions, that means the total sale would be 28 tons X 4 containers which is 112 tons.

If you multiply 112 tons by the average sale price of $250 per ton, then the total sale, and income, would be $28,000. Remember, thats from just one average buyer.

So let’s take a step back and look at it again.

Every time someone orders from you, you are making an average of $28,000.

Of course, sometimes it will be $85,000 and sometimes it may be just $16,000. But we’re taking the average.

Take your own situation now and think about, what is the average order value with YOUR product.

But for now, let’s continue assuming that you are this onion exporter and you make $28,000 per sale, on average.

I’d like you to figure out how good you are at selling to someone who wants what you have.

If there is an importer looking to buy onions, then that means he is a very high-worth individual in your eyes. You have exactly what he wants. If you strike up a conversation with him, what are your chances of making a sale? Very high I expect.

So here’s my question.

If I send over 100 people to you who are actively interested in, and looking to buy your product, how many of those 100 interested buyers will you be able to sell your product to?

If you’re selling onions, how many of those 100 onion seekers can you convert into sales?

Remember, these are highly qualified prospects who want what you have. You just need to offer it to them the right way.

So if I send you 100 prospects, let’s call them leads, how many of these 100 leads can you convert into buyers if you speak to them? Would you say you could sell to at least 80 of them?

No, how about at least half of them?

What about just 30% of them?

Surely you can convince just 20 out of 100 to buy your onions because that is exactly what they are actively looking for.

Let’s say you are very bad at selling and you can only convince 10 out of 100 to buy your product.

No, wait, let’s say you are very very bad and we take the worst case scenario, and you can only sell to 5 leads out of the 100 leads that I send you, how much money would you make?

Well for 5 leads, each one taking an average order value of $28,000 if you remember, this would net you $140,000.

That’s just 5 out of 100. If you are good and you close say 40%, then your export earnings would be through the roof.

But we want to take the lowest and worst case scenario and just assume that you can only sell to 5 out of 100 leads, and therefore bring in just $140,000.

That means that you have earned $140,000 for speaking with 100 leads.

What would you earn if you spoke with 200 leads or 500 leads? You can imagine the numbers with your own product, in your own mind.

So this is the secret which no one else is doing and everyone else is scared to try it because it involves an upfront payment.


These leads will make you a killing. Remember, even if you convert just 5 out of 100, you’re still making far more than the amount you spent buying these leads.

Don’t wait for brokers and agents to bring you a sure-fire buyer. That will take ages.

Most suppliers right now have not even considered using this leads acquisition method and when they hear of it, they start to think its a scam just because they’ve never heard  of it. Yet, it’s a very very big industry called Lead generation and this is what I provide.

If you have advertised your business somewhere before, you would have spent some money and then hoped for customers to come to you and order.

But with Lead Generation, you are actually getting targeted leads who are very interested in what you are selling and they are already actively looking for it. They are much easier to convert.  Your money would be much better spent on getting these targeted leads than spending it on wasted advertisements somewhere else.

This is the secret you should know. This is what you should be doing that most other suppliers haven’t even considered doing. This is what will make you completely overtake your competitors with multiple orders. This is what will bring you a regular stream of customers and skyrocket your revenue.

This is what small-time exporters just can’t think of doing. Their mind just doesn’t let them get past the fact that there is an upfront investment to be made to make larger sums of money. Small-timers have a limited way of thinking and that thought process stops them ever achieving greater profits.

But now you know that the way to get forward is to actually buy leads, and think to yourself, if I convert just 5 out of every 100 leads, how much money would I make?

So let’s say you are the onion seller again. If you make just $140,000 for every 100 leads that I send to you, would you be prepared to spend say $100 for every targeted lead that I send to you?

Or would you still think like an amateur supplier and be afraid to invest in something you’ve never tried before!

Are you still thinking it’s too high of a risk?

Are you still thinking like some of the other suppliers who are begging for agents and brokers to help them?

My standard lead supply system is to charge for 20 importer leads upfront and then continue to charge you for every 20 leads after that.

I also take a small commission for each sale that is made. We can discuss the amount when we speak.

My lead rates depend on what you are selling and how much demand it has.

So let’s talk and discuss the specifics of bringing you highly targeted leads for your own export product.

So I hope you have a look at your situation again and really think if you can afford to NOT buy leads for your export business. Can you really afford not to do it? Are you afraid of the risk?

Are you still thinking of asking me to work for you on commission-only basis just like the millions of brokers online everywhere? I don’t do that anymore. I work as a lead generator and I bring big results to the suppliers I work with.

So my question to you is, are you ready to enter the league of professional big-time exporters and take your export revenue higher than most of your competitors?

Think about it now and then let’s talk.

Speak soon. Bye for now.

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