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Vegetable Cooking Oil

Vegetable Cooking Oil Requirements RBD Palm Olein CP8 Grade A 18 Liter Jerrycans (Private label required) Quantity: One - Three, 20 foot containers per month, regular supply. CNF: Ryiadh, Saudi Arabia via King Abdulaziz Port Damman Required Paperwork: Proof of previous sales and supplier license. Payment: Payment will be made by TT. Contact us via [...]

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Hard Coking Coal

The buyer is looking for a supply of Hard Coking Coal. The Ash Content must be 9% or lower. The full specs should be: Moisture - below 10%, Ash.        - 6-6.50% max , Volatile.   - 22-26%, Sulphur.  - 0.40-0.65%max, Phos.      - 0.02-0.035% max, F.Carbon - By Difference, FSI/CSN. - 9 min Fluidity.    - 1000 DDPM, [...]

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CP8 Palm Oil

CP8 Palm Oil Requirement CP8 Palm Oil Required in Flexitank container Quantity: Five 20 foot containers Shipping: CIF Nhava Sheva, India. Looking for cheapest price possible. Contact us via the form or email on the sidebar

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Tanzanian Cashew Nut Specifications

The Tanzanian Cashew specifications are: High-quality Moisture: 2 % max Defective: 2% Foreign Matter : 0.25 % max Out turn:48-50 lbs min (higher can be arranged) Nut-count: 170 to 180 max Free from insects Delivery time: 21 W320 and W240 are available. For more details, see the Cashew Nuts For Sale page.

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Are You Seeing Prices Below Standard Rates?

When you hear a price range again and again, you start to believe that this is the normal price of that commodity everywhere. The problem is, this industry is filled with scammers, and con-men are just waiting to take your money. Scammers know very well that in order for you to speak to them, they [...]

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Cashew Cold Feet Roamers

I have been dealing with cashew buyers and suppliers for a very long time now. During this time, I have seen one trait occurring over and over, again and again. I see buyers asking for tough to impossible requirements which 99% of suppliers cannot agree with. Even if the buyer does find that one-in-a-thousand supplier, [...]

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Low Ball Offer

Occasionally, I speak to buyers who want a particular commodity but they are only prepared to pay up to a certain limit for that product. Sadly, that limit is not realistic and is far too low to even consider seriously. This applies to not just suppliers I know, but worldwide. Usually, the buyer may have [...]

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A Broker’s Worst Enemy

I deal with buyers, suppliers and brokers every day. I have agreements set up with buyers and agreements set up with suppliers. In fact, I have so much experience with buyers and suppliers, I know what they want before they even explain it to me. Most buyers follow a set-pattern which is easy to [...]

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