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Variable Consultation Fee

  • Our fee for connecting the buyer and supplier is minimal is most cases.
  • The supplier doesn’t need to pay us if we don’t make money for him.
  • Only when a deal is concluded and the supplier has received the money from the buyer, the fee becomes due to us (from the supplier).
  • The fee paid to us is usually measured as $x per ton or x% of the FOB price. Each product is assessed separately because all industries are different.
  • Based on the product, we will inform the supplier of our fee and if the supplier agrees, we will send the buyer to this supplier (providing he can service our buyers perfectly).
  • Our fee will be added on to the supplier’s price and given as a final fee to the buyer. This way, the supplier will not be paying us out of planned profits. Rather, he will will be paying us from the surplus we have added on.
  • With this fee schedule, there is no risk to the supplier in providing us the details of the product he supplies.

Remember, we only make money when you make money