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Cashew Nuts For Sale in Bulk
at the Cheapest Prices!

African Cashew Nuts are amongst the tastiest cashews found anywhere. Even Vietnamese cashews are not comparable to the African ones in terms of taste. Amazingly, the African cashews are about half the price of the Vietnamese cashews.

Vietnamese cashews costs approximately $10,000 per ton and yet they aren’t as tasty as the ones found in various parts of Africa.

Lentrica has secured deals with several suppliers in Africa to provide the tastiest and most cost-effective cashew nuts in bulk for all our clients. Not only do you get cashews with the highest quality, but you will be paying less than you would be paying other suppliers.

The out-turn and the nut count figures are extraordinary. The moisture content and defective percentage are below average. You just can’t get a better deal on cashews than you can through our company.

We have WW320 and WW240, both at low prices. The suppliers we have an agreement with have been in business for many years and have been verified as reliable and dependable cashew providers.

To get started with us, we require your complete requirements on a letter (LOI) containing your letterhead. With this, we can arrange a date for you to visit and inspect/taste the cashews before your purchase.

For payment, we have a very secure way for you to pay.

Take a look at the video below to see how the process works…